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Dear Parent/Guardian,

My name is Stephanie Weiss, and I’m the founder as well as an instructor at Top Tutors, LLC. With over 10 years of teaching and tutoring experience, I created this company in order to help students build confidence inside and outside of the classroom.  We want our students not only to get better grades & higher test scores, but to encourage them to set higher goals for themselves.  We want them to reach for the stars!

Our Top Tutors are highly educated & certified teachers with a Masters Degree, as well as other certifications.  We are different from other tutoring companies out there because after I meet with you and your child for their initial skills assessment, I will match them up with one of our skilled tutors based on needs as well as personality.

Please contact me to set up an initial consultation for your child.

Phone: (601) 568-2440

Email: StephanieWeiss@TopTutorsLLC.com

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